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As an immigration professional, you use all your skill and expertise to create the best application for your client.

However, there is a vital part of the application that does not depend on you: The translation of the applicant’s personal documents that are not already in English or French.

Every Immigration professional knows the problems that can arise when the translation of those documents:

  • Is late
  • Contains language errors
  • Does not have the correct spelling of names or the correct dates
  • Does not comply with the notarization requirements (notarized translator’s affidavit or certified translation when required)

Don’t let a perfect application end up with an unsuccessful outcome due to one or more of the above problems caused by a poor translation of their documents!

Refer us to your client

Use the services of Accent Translations, the only translation agency specialized in translations for immigration and the only one with an automatic referral system.

It’s easy to refer your clients to us. Just send them to REFERACCENT.COM. That’s it! Once they’re on the website, they’ll find easy-to-follow instructions in 8 languages.

REFERACCENT.COM is our unique tool for requesting and providing a translation quote, for the confirmation and payment of the translation and delivery to the applicant and/or to the referring immigration professional.

With REFERACCENT.COM they’ll find everything they need to start the process and can decide if they want to have documents sent to their home or if they want them mailed directly to you.

In any case, when the client includes your name in the quote request as their referring professional, we will automatically send a digital copy of the translations to your office.